Shipageddon has arrived!

BTS Logistics is warning its customers about the “shipageddon”, or the lack of capacity on the major shipping lines from China to the West.

The corona virus affects the entire world and has prevented many people from wanting to leave their homes to buy their daily goods or gifts. This has resulted in many consumers making their purchases via e-commerce instead of buying their goods in-store. And with the Christmas Holidays just around the corner, much more is being ordered than usual.

The surge in online sales could lead to 7 million extra parcels flowing through the delivery channels every day. That extra load puts enormous pressure on the system and ensures that ships are “sold out”. The high peak in e-commerce orders means that your goods, which are being shipped from China to the west, are delayed.

The most important advice from BTS Logistics is to take this situation into account and to inform us about your planning. Of course, we try to ship your goods in the best conditions. Our specialists are happy to help you and to find the right solution for you!