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We proudly present our revolutionary online portal, where shipment visibility is elevated to unprecedented heights. Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple platforms and tirelessly searching for critical shipment information. With MYBTS, everything you need to know about your shipment is seamlessly consolidated into a single, user-friendly interface. Quickly find your shipments and their status, manage orders, invoices and shipments, and analyze and optimize your supply chain.

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Imagine having complete control and comprehensive insights into your shipments, all conveniently accessible from one place. We will tell you why our online platform is your gateway to seamless shipment visibility.

Shipment visibility done right

We understand the importance of real-time information in the world of logistics. That’s why we’ve meticulously designed our online portal to be your go-to resource for complete shipment transparency.

Track your shipments, manage notifications, access documents, and streamline invoicing—all in one convenient location. From departure and arrival times to real-time updates, stay informed every step of the way. Effortlessly handle documents, invoices, and more with our user-friendly interface. Simplify logistics management and take control of your shipments like never before.

Zero to shipment status in 30 seconds

In just 30 seconds, go from zero to shipment status, effortlessly searching any shipment to find precise ETA’s and ETDs. With our on-demand 24/7 access, there’s no need to log in. Experience unprecedented convenience as you unlock real-time visibility, anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to delays and uncertainty—stay ahead of the curve with our lightning-fast portal.

Embrace efficiency and make informed decisions instantly.

Documents centralized

Say goodbye to scattered files and tedious searches. Effortlessly upload, download, and access all documents related to your shipment in one secure location. From bills of lading to customs forms and invoices, our platform simplifies document handling for streamlined logistics. No more wasted time or misplaced files—retrieve what you need with just a few clicks.

Stay organized, save valuable resources, and enjoy the convenience of quick document access.

Analytics and insights

Gain valuable insights and analytics to optimize your supply chain like never before. Our easy-to-use executive summary provides a comprehensive overview, allowing you to analyze key metrics and make informed strategic choices. Seamlessly track performance, identify trends, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Take control of your supply chain and drive efficiency with our powerful analytics tools.

Order visibility

Experience simply better planning as you gain real-time insights into crucial order milestones, ex-factory times, arrival times, and more. No more guesswork or uncertainty—stay ahead of schedule and optimize your operations with confidence. Our user-friendly interface provides seamless access to critical information, empowering you to make informed decisions and streamline your processes.

Take control of your orders and unlock the power of efficient planning.

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