Merger of Lorenz & Schmidt GmbH and BTS Logistics GmbH

Dear customer, partner & friends,

We would like to inform you that as of January the 1st 2020 Lorenz & Schmidt GmbH merges with BTS Logistics GmbH and will continue under the name of BTS Logistics GmbH.

The merger will drive substantial combined strength and customer value as well as synergies based on the existing footprint of BTS Logistics in North West Europe and the vast experience and long history of Lorenz & Schmidt GmbH (Since 1884!) in particular on the German market.

As a consequence, we will switch all business that is handled by our Dusseldorf office to the new office in Hamburg.

Your new key contacts are:

Hartmut Joret (Managing Director)
Tel: 0049 40 789 182 – 42 / mobile 0049 162 20 35 392
We chat ID hj010120

Manfred Wochatz (Import Supervisor)
Tel: 0049 40 789 182 – 29 / mobile 0049 172 427 6309
We chat ID woc0815

Kadir Tokus (Export Supervisor)
Tel: 0049 40 789 182 – 41 / mobile 0049 172 252 3761
We chat ID kadir1986hamburg

The new office is based in the main logistics hot spot in Germany, Hamburg.

Hamburg is staffed by experienced industry specialists, working on state-of-the-art logistic software – CargoWise One – providing our partners and clients visibility and peace of mind.

The German team will be headed by Mr. Hartmut Joret, Hartmut has vast experience in freight forwarding and international logistics and has been with the company since 1999. With his hands-on, customer-friendly and enthusiastic mentality he represents the BTS philosophy in Germany.

Documents can be addressed to;

BTS Logistics GmbH
Ausschläger Billdeich 6
20539 Hamburg

You can continue to send your sales leads and rates requests to

We trust to have informed you herewith and we’re looking forward to our (continued) successful cooperation.

Kind Regards,
BTS Logistics