Important Customs Update

Expansion of Import Ban on Iron and Steel from Russia starting from 30-09-2023

Starting from September 30, 2023, an expansion of the import ban on iron and steel from Russia within the European Union (EU) will take effect. It is now required that all (products made from) iron and steel being imported do not contain Russian base products. Importers must prove this by maintaining specific documents, with the Mill Test Certificate (MTC) being of vital importance.

The MTC must contain detailed information, such as the name of the production facility, the country corresponding to the heat number, and the GN number (6-digit code) of the product. For finished products, the MTC must also include information about any further processings or treatments, such as hot rolling, cold rolling, welding, and more.

Possessing an origin certificate is not sufficient. Importers must use certificate code Y824 in box 44 of their customs declaration to declare that their iron and steel products meet the specified requirements. Other documents than the MTC, such as a statement from the manufacturer, can also be used as proof, provided they contain the required information.

Please note that customs may request documentation and conduct further inspections after import. We advise importers to prepare for these changes and ensure their records are fully compliant with the new regulations.